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CMS Development

Content management is a breeze with dynamic websites. You can easily update website content, modify images, edit or publish information easily, you can keep your website up to date without depending on any assistance. Unlike static websites, which are hard to edit, editing dynamic websites is fairly easy to update it can be done easily. We create unique solution to post the services and products online by providing dynamic web solution. Multiple options and tools are available that will offer you unlimited opportunities for development, run to the needs of the business.
We can develop your project using popular off-the-shelf platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, or custom web solutions.

Each project we encounter, large or small, typically will have custom requirements. Many times these requirements are unique simply because we are approached with bleeding edge original ideas.
If you are looking to build a custom designed website using content management system, contact us! Prior to start please create a list of your requirement which will help us to understand and start the project in right direction:

  • What is your project specification? In particular, what will be the flow of website? Website will be completely informational or it will contain some other custom feature?
  • If you have existing website? What is the URL?
  • When you want the project completed” Go Live” date?
  • What is your estimated budget for this project?

Website Development Process

Is custom CMS risky?

No, if you choose a smart technology, and an experienced team to develop it! Custom software can be built using the same tools that power the popular systems such as WordPress, Joomla. The only difference is that the software will be 100% customized for your usage
When finding a team to develop it, In making an investment in a CMS, you should aim for at least a 5 year lifespan of the core software.

What about ongoing maintenance?

When you update, your plug-ins, extensions or modules may stop working in open source system. This is the constant struggle that you face during an update cycle.
With custom software, you will need to update the core software (PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.) just as you would with the popular open-source systems.

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