Increase Website Performance and get more leads.

://Increase Website Performance and get more leads.

Increase Website Performance and get more leads.

In today world people have zero tolerance if website load time is higher and customer will move to any other website which may cause of lead /business loss? If all things including SEO and content quality are good higher will be the conversion rate. Faster websites always win. Website speed affects every metric that matters. If we talk about bounce rate, conversions, search rankings, page views, and, especially, user experience. This article will explore website speed in detail.

Website performance refers to the content load speed on browser. Most of users are familiar with the pain of watching an image appear on screen, one section at a time. That represents slow website speed.

Website speed usually more important in case of e-Commerce business as in case of slow speed you can loose business time to time. So to improve conversion rate we should improve our website performance.

Website speed gives us more leads but slowness kills business

There are several ways to improve website speed like to use browser Cache, image and elements optimization which load on the web page when user browsing the website.

We will talk about more other techniques in our next article.

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