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Website Maintenance & Support

Every people want peace of in today busy life. Peace of mind means there is someone that will always be there to help you in any kind of business needs, when you need them. And you can take rest with peace of mind!

Maintenance is about all kind of flexibility. We offer a variety of different packages for you to choose from.

What type of packages available?
We offer a variety of packages based on budget and need:

Monthly web design and development: Clients are allotted specific hours of design and development work per month. Additional hours are available at which we can discuss.

Prepaid website maintenance Package: Clients who have a variety of tasks or list of tasks can buy hours for use within the following months or in a year. Additional hours will be available as per discussion pricing

Postpaid website maintenance Package: Clients can opt to accrue time for various tasks as they arise. We will share timesheet to client and client will pay on the basis of timesheet.

Spec & Quote: Clients can arrange for a fixed-bid price for work with a specification.

How does it work?

All IGP maintenance clients will be serviced our dedicated support and maintenance services team. An account manger will be assigned who will manage your day to day requirements and requests. All services provided by IGP are available for any kind of web maintenance – design, development, administration, content creation, etc.

If you are an existing customer, maintenance is easy for IGP team. We already have a development code for you and an infrastructure to work with us.
For new customers, we will need to know below things:

  • In which framework website developed? (.NET, WordPress, Joomla or Custom Development)
  • Website is up to date or Out dated.
  • You should have all login info about website and server.
  • You existing developer should be cooperative.

Can new customers sign up for maintenance?
Yes! Anytime customer will contact us with his requirement and account manger will assigned who will understand all client requirements.

We can start helping you now. Contact us to find out how!

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